What is Diwali, without bursting a few firecrackers and putting up a spectacular fireworks display? It is evident from history, that the celebration of Diwali was always accompanied by diyas or festival lights and firecrackers. But one should also make sure to ensure safety before fun. Any careless use might lead to a severe burn or injury to the person bursting them or to the crowd enjoying them. There are certain safety precautions and measures you could follow while enjoying with your crackers and fireworks.

The Invention or Origin of Fireworks

The accidental discovery of how fireworks were developed begins from Medieval China. The Tang Dynasty of that times were known to celebrate their festivals using fireworks. It is said that a Chinese religious person of the name Li Tan was the first maker of fireworks. He threw a piece of bamboo stuffed with gunpowder into the fire. The gunpowder reacted with the bamboo to create an explosion. That was how the Chinese started making fireworks. Later the idea passed into Europe and further into the world. A much lesser known fact about fireworks is that Patent Filing of fireworks can be done if a person or an organization wish to keep it authorized under their name.

The color fireworks were developed during the Italian Resurgence. This was done by mixing charcoal, steel, etc to the fire to produce tints of orange and yellow. Different colors were made by adding different metals which when heated emitted radiations of different wavelengths that gave off light. The fireworks are mainly made by twining two fuses together and by incorporating gunpowder inside the fireworks within compartments.

How the Fireworks Mechanism Works?

For bombarding the firework into the air, a set of two chain reactions are used. First, the firework is loaded into a canon. The bottom of the firework comprises of gunpowder fitted into a separate portion which when lighted, gets ignited. An outer shell that is made up of paper or plastic enclosing the powder shoots up into the air along with explosives known as the stars. This is seen as the fireworks in the sky. A particular fuse inside the firework is used to delay its ignition and ignites the stars and the powder later.

Can Fireworks be Patented?

Even Though you cannot copyright a firework display and can only get the video or photo of the same patented, you can always patent a firework. Patent Filing of the fireworks can be done for sure if you wish to safeguard the chemical invention behind it from being infringed or copied to create the same fireworks. There are various firework patents that have been recorded in history.

Some examples of important fireworks patents include : –

  • One of the first patents, U.S. Patent No. 638,416, that came into being in 1899, is named under the Toy Fireworks.
  • The firework issues in 1930 entitled to Gioiosa Joseph was for small fireworks displays by clasping the firework into a fixed object while bombarding into the sky.
  • US6116553 Display Stand Fireworks Patent was based on the display stand that can be transported to the sites where fireworks are to be displayed in a more packed form, so that it can be unfolded, assembled, etc. when needed to place the fireworks in a heightened position. This enables a more spectacular view to the spectators and ensures the longtime burning of gunpowder as the remains fall off more freely.
  • The U.S Patent 5627338, named ‘ Fireworks Projectile Having Distinct Shell Configuration’ that is for a patent pertaining to the projectile motion which follows an accurate and predictable path after being launched is another one of the patents owned by this animation company.
  • U.S. Patent 5440990 which is based on an ‘Electronic Time Fuze’ that is used for initiating and controlling an explosion and also the patent on ‘Precision Fireworks Display System’ with decreased impact on environment that promotes harmless scattering of the afterburn of the fireworks etc are some patents coming under the name of the famous animation company Walt Disney.
  • US20180106580 Pyro Cube Fireworks Patent is for blasting multiple fireworks by using single or multiple fuses and several fireworks launch tubes, to create a more brilliant fireworks display when compared to blasting a single firework. The patent issued proves this to be a safer method of shooting fireworks.
  • US20030070572 is a patent issued for safely discharging fireworks into the sky by holding it with a fireworks holding device.

As you have seen, these are some examples of patents issued by various companies and individuals legalizing their authority over the fireworks invented by them. Patent Filing for fireworks is now made easier with online patent filing platforms and services. Make sure that while you light up your Diwali with crackers and fireworks, you also ensure the safety of your surroundings, bystanders and the environment as well. Get your fireworks patented now and enjoy your Diwali fireworks to the fullest!